Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bloomfield City Council Member Tells Concerned Citizen to Leave the Country!

The Talon, a small bi-monthly newspaper published in the town of Aztec NM located only a few miles from Bloomfield, has reported in the July 16-31 issue on a very telling exchange between a concerned citizen and a Bloomfield city councilman. The exchange occurred at a recent City Council meeting held in June.

At the meeting the Council was asked by the citizen: “Is there a special religion that you’re trying to sponsor or something, by putting the Ten Commandments up?’ Councilor Mauzy's reply was: “Absolutely not, our nation was founded on these principles, if you don’t like living here you can go somewhere else sir.”

The article contains much more on this controversial proposal and may be read in it's entirety at
The article title is Freedom of Religion - is Bloomfield crossing the line? and can be found on page 3.

(the Talon home page is )

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